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Desert Camp In Jaisalmer

Heritage Juma Desert camp frequently conducts a lot of interactive activities for the visitors. We put in our best efforts to make your stay a memorable one. We organize desert camp in Jaisalmer and a set of activities especially the major ones for you so that you can enjoy camp to Its fullest.
Jaisalmer is well known for desert safari. Jeep Safari and Camel safari are the major activities that we organize for all the visitors who choose to stay at our camps. Local Folk Dance performance at night is another fabulous activity we conduct. desert camp in Jaisalmer.
Scorching days and freezing nights, if you want to experience something special the visit Sam sand dunes, Jaisalmer. At Heritage Juma desert camp we have arranged some desert adventure activities for our guests. So slide on sand dunes, drive in a jeep which slides on a desert, ride on a quad bike, do some slide boarding from 60 mts and see the complete desert by flying with paragliding.


Camp in the desert. Far away from the busy main road lies and all the chill times that it offers. A small collection of very well equipped tents surround the reception and dining room buildings. Just entering the place refreshes and puts you in a chill mood. No banging music or drunk people here... just traditional ambiance, desert music, and a carpet of stars above. The food is great and a variety of drinks are available. We were fortunate to be here for new years eve and it was a perfect experience

Our Events

Diwali Party Celebration

This Diwali could be the best bet to unleash the party animal in you! As the glittering lamps and blazing fireworks light up the Diwali night, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t be out in the streets partying and celebrating the “annual event” all night long with your loved ones.
25 Dec

Christmas Party Celebration

You won’t experience snow-covered trees or below-zero temperatures in Jaisalmer, but we are more than certain that you will find Golden desert, mountains, sunshine, blue skies, and amazing weather. Gather with friends and family at heritage juma desert camp Christmas Celebration on December 25th.
01 Jan

New Year Party Celebration

Ask any one in the world about the best place where to celebrate The New Year’s Eve, the desert will come up. That’s why, since several’s years, Heritage Juma Desert Camp organizes unforgettable, fabulous nights in the middle of the San dune, Jaisalmer, under a sky of thousands stars to celebrate one of the most important events during the year.


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